Crypto Accumulation Report: January 2023

January got off to a slow start on the Hive-based crypto accumulation front. The rate at which I accumulate Hive-based tokens depends mainly on the amount of content I publish on the various Hive-based front-ends such as CTP Talk or Liketu and so on.

After the New Year holidays I was preoccupied with a hectic teaching and end of term exam schedule. I was not only teaching my own classes but also covering classes for two sick teachers. That at least is my excuse for not pumping out more content or earning more Hive-based crypto tokens.

Faster Than Expected Satoshi Accumulation!

However, on the satoshi and FUN token earning front, the picture is quite different. I set a low bar for my 2023 satoshi target of 3,500,000 sats on Since I ended 2022 with a balance of 3,250,260 sats, I was only aiming to accumulate around 250k extra sats.

My idea was to start sending the excess sats over to the Hive blockchain to convert into HIVE the better to hit my Hive-based crypto targets, and also to convert sats into FUN to hit my FUN target of 250k tokens in 2023.

I assumed I’d hit my satoshi target in the spring. However, my satoshi earning power has been boosted by the launch of Jolt Auctions by SFI in the New Year. I’ve been consistently and passively earning over 150,000 sats a week thanks to the number of my SFI team who have been bidding on Jolt auctions. I transfer those sats to where they immediately start earning interest.

That’s how I hit my 2023 target so quickly. When I set the target I had no idea that SFI would launch Jolt auctions, let alone that those auctions would generate so many sats for me.

New Satoshi Target

So now I have set a new Freebitcoin satoshi target of 5,000,000 sats (5% of a Bitcoin) by the end of 2023.

Okay, here’s the video report:

And here’s the chart for last month:

Crypto Asset1st January 20231st February31st December 2023 (TARGETS)
Staked SPS5496162,000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi3,250,2603,959,742(3,500,000) 5,000,000

Onwards and upwards!


David Hurley


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