The Hive-Backed Dollar (HBD) Ladder To Freedom…?

Today was a typical mid-term Wednesday for me. I got up at 5:30am to get ready to head out to college…

But then, I happened to sit down for a couple of minutes and suddenly began scrawling some numbers on a sheet of paper, and got quite excited by them…

The first draft of the HBD Ladder to Freedom!

How Much HBD Can We Earn Each Month?

The numbers relate to how much interest you’d earn per month if you held certain amounts of HBD at the current interest rate of 20% per annum.

When I got back home I had to check whether HBD pays its interest monthly – it does!

The More It Grows, The Faster It Grows

So, as you grow your HBD stash, compound interest also kicks in and makes your HBD stash grow more and more quickly…

My starting point this morning was this: How much would I actually need in monthly HBD income to consider myself financially free?

I think $2,000 a month in HBD income would do it!

If HBD were consistently to pay me $2,000 a month, I don’t think I’d have too many financial worries, even if my teaching and online affiliate marketing income were to go down the plug-hole.

At 20% p/a that means I need to hold 120,000 HBD in savings to earn +/-$2,000 (2,000 HBD) a month in interest.

That was my starting point. I then halved the amount several times until I got down to 7,500 HBD, which brings in 125 HBD a month at 20% p/a.

7,500 HBD is the BIG half-way goal. No, I know, it is not half way to 125,000, but it is the 5th step on my nine rung ladder, and every step after 7,500 doubles my HBD holdings. Once you are earning 125 a month in interest you are entering the DYNAMIC growth stage, especially if you are also earning HBD from content creation on the HIVE blockchain, and adding affiliate earnings to the pot as well!

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My 1st Rung = 300 HBD

Right now I have 265 HBD in savings, so I added a few more lower rungs to the ladder I was building, until I reached the first rung above where I am right now, which is 300 HBD.

300 HBD delivers 5 HBD per month in interest.

Once I hit 300 HBD (hopefully as soon as July 2023), my next target is 600 HBD, which will deliver 10 HBD a month in interest… And so on all the way up to my HBD FREEDOM TARGET of 120,000 HBD.

I have created a nine rung ladder, with each rung paying out a nice round number in interest earnings, as the chart shows:

HBDMonthly Payout @ 20% p/a

A Super Simple Investment Plan!

This seems like a super simple plan… Perhaps there are some flaws in it. Maybe my calculations are off (I’m a language teacher, not a mathematician)… Perhaps the interest rate will go down one day…

And of course, whenever HIVE declines in value, it may not be a great idea to buy HBD with HIVE. Even so, I like my super simple freedom plan – simple in concept, if not in execution – and it has nine clearly defined rungs to help me climb up to HBD FREEDOM!

Onwards and upwards!

Let us know what you think in the comments!


David Hurley

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