The Moment I Realize CryptoWin Is A Complete SCAM!

I started getting some useful negative feedback about the CryptoWin bitcoin faucet site a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit towards the end of May 2023 the first signs that all was not well with the site began to appear…

(1) They announced a “summer special” revenue share which whacked up the “profit share” to a dubious 1.7% per DAY. All you had to do was… buy shares for 100,000 satoshi a pop! Yeah, right!

NOTE: I have just seen that the “offer” has been pumped up to #3.4% daily” which is ridiculous. They are obviously getting closer to the rug-pull moment…

(2) A few days ago I came across this very dodgy “offer” to double your crypto and “instantly” withdraw. No legitimate entity would ever make such a completely unsustainable offer. (The offer is not genuine – they want to steal your crypto.):

(3) I started getting comments on my YouTube videos telling that CryptoWin was a scam, was not responding to support tickets, and wasn’t paying out.

What About The Payment Proof Page?

CryptoWin have a payments proof page, so I had another look at it:

You can see that the payouts are all just 500 satoshi or less. I have just verified that the payments are real. They are being sent to FaucetPay accounts. So small payouts do seem to be happening, BUT that is NOT an endorsement of the site. They presumably calculate that they can allow micro withdrawals while trying to suck in much bigger deposits, such as the 100,000 satoshi needed for their “summer” revenue share “offer.”

For the bigger picture about withdrawals – check out what happened when I tried to withdraw satoshi to my Freebitcoin wallet live in this video:

Failed CryptoWin Withdrawal Attempt – Live On Camera!

In This VIdeo I Test Their FaucetPay Withdrawal Option

I had a bit more luck with my FaucetPay withdrawal…

The MAXIMUM payout is a laughable 500 satoshi once every TWO days!

By the way, if you were foolish enough to deposit 100,000 satoshi to buy one of those dodgy summer revenue shares, the maximum withdrawal of 500 satoshi every 48 hours means it would take 400 days to get your 100,000 satoshi back… before you even think about making a profit with the site!

However, I don’t expect CryptoWin to be around that long.

Yup, CryptoWin is a scam, and has all the signs of gearing up for a rug-pull in the next 90 days or less…


David Hurley

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