#3StepsNoExcuses Day 10: Ask Me What I’m Reading And I’ll Answer, “Ask”

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Step 1 CTP: Tracking and Analytics

Today the ClickTrackProfit training switched to tracking and analytics and took us through some of the basics of the tracking software, Hits Connect.

Personally, I prefer to use LeadsLeap to track my squeeze pages.

As for my site, EliteDownlineBuilder.com, you can add a bit of code to the affiliate URLs to track where referrals came from.

I also offer an exclusive service for upgraded members of EDB that gives them access to the tracking stats so they can see which sites are most effective at getting referrals AND upgrades.

Step 2 Listnerds: Bullet Points

The last couple of emails that I sent out via ListNerds did not have bullet points. I try to keep the body text of emails sent through mailers as brief as possible so that you do not have to scroll for the credit link.

I will review the email later today to see if I can break up the text and add bullet points.

Step 3 Plus1Success: Readers Are Leaders

This is perhaps my favourite challenge so far. Jon wants us to read a chapter of a book every day from now to the end of the challenge (and beyond, of course). Music to my ears! A Thousand A Month would be an ideal book to read for this part of the training:


Getting Back Into The Habit Of Reading “Real” Books

As for me, I feel that I need to get back into the habit of regularly reading real books – paperbacks and hardbacks – so this is a welcome opportunity to do so.

The book I chose to start reading is “Ask” by Ryan Levesque. I’ve read it before, but I did not take notes, and read it while commuting so most of the core content did not stick. So this time I’m going to take notes as I go.

Cheers for now,

David Hurley

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