A Series Of Splinterlands Battles To Boost My Water Focus Chests…

On Saturday evening I played through a series of Splinterlands battles with the aim of winning five more chests in the Water Focus to bring my total up to ten.

Along the way I also hoped to win some more Season chests by switching over to my strongest splinter, which is Earth.

I thought I’d video my progress so you can see my approach as a Bronze 1 player with a fairly small collection of owned cards.

I still use quite a few Starter cards even though that lowers your earnings when you win. I haven’t bought my own summoner in the Water splinter yet.

It turned into a tough slogging match and I lost quite a lot of games against Life splinter players who used this series of cards in their line up:

  • General Sloan as their Summoner to boost ranged attackers
  • Shield Bearer to draw all enemy attacks
  • Venari Crystalsmith to heal Shield Bearer
  • Pelacor Arbalest for double ranged attack with boosted power
  • Scavo Hireling (neutral) to repair General Sloan’s shield

My preferred monsters for the Water splinter are:

  • Kelya Frendal as the summoner for extra armour and speed
  • Sea Monster 4 melee power, 8 health, self-healing
  • Djinn Oshannus – a powerful magic monster
  • Deep Lurker – powerful melee opportunist attacker

But things do not always go according to plan. You can see from this screenshot of the last series of games that there were more losses than victories:

One positive note though, I won all my Earth splinter games during the evening which earned me two more chests for the season, bringing my total up to 54 season chests so far.

Here’s the video of the first and last games in the long series of games I played on Saturday evening:

The focus for today is “Life” so I am hoping to do better by deploying the series of cards I listed in this article.


David Hurley



Splinterlands is a play-to-earn NFT trading game on the Hive blockchain. You can get started for free by using the Starter deck that you get when you register.

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