EZDoubler Review: Earn Bitcoin With Zero Risk Binary Options Trading??

What will Bitcoin do in the next minute? Try your luck on this zero risk, fun and easy Bitcoin binary option trading site: https://ezdoubler.io

Place tokenized put or call options.

If you win you double your staked tokens or receive a cash payout (2 tokens = 1 cent).

If you lose, your staked tokens go down the drain… but don’t worry, if you end up with no tokens, simply apply for a refill and 60 minutes later you will have… more tokens to play with.

When you have earned $50 you can withdraw your balance as Bitcoin.

The site is funded by advertising, but is much more fun – and potentially far more profitable than your typical Bitcoin faucet.

Check out my video review of EZDoubler

Does EZDoubler Really Pay Out?

I’ve gone through a few videos on YouTube of people showing that they have received payments, and others where people complained that they did not.

It seems that the minimum payout has gone up a couple of times. Inevitably, when someone thinks they have got enough to withdraw only to find that there is a new, higher minimum payout level, they feel they’ve been scammed and all hell breaks loose!

I experienced something similar on Satoshi Hero when I missed out on the lower level payouts twice running. It was exasperating at the time, but since then I have made several hassle free withdrawals from that site.

When I have accumulated $50 on EZDoubler I will attempt to withdraw it and update you on how the withdrawal process went.

More Fun Than A Faucet!

The site is funded by advertising, but is much more fun – and potentially more profitable than your typical Bitcoin faucet. It looks to me as if you could do quite nicely with it if you work you way up to Platimum. (There are four ranks: Beginner, Silver, Bronze, Gold – yes, bronze is worth more than silver on this site!)

Just one word of warning to anybody who does not want to be expose to [ahem] adult ads… Some of the ads that EZDoubler randomly redirects you to are for adult animated role-playing games. Say no more!

EZDoubler is free to join and has no paid upgrades on the inside. EZDoubler is nicely designed and works smoothly (with occasional redirection to ad pages – the price we pay for zero-risk micro option plays).

Check it out @ https://ezdoubler.io


David Hurley

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