I Climb Onto The Second Rung Of The HBD Freedom Ladder!

I set myself the goal of doubling my Hive-Backed Dollar (HBD) savings from $300 at the end of July to $600 by the end of August, without putting in any “out-of-pocket” cash. It’s only 6th August as I write this, and I’m pleased to announce that I grabbed hold of the second rung ($600) of the HBD Freedom Ladder a couple of days ago!

How did it happen so fast, without my investing any “out of pocket” cash into the Hive blockchain?

Simple! It’s thanks to the power of affiliate marketing! Specifically, it is thanks to the Livegood.com affiliate program, which gives you the option of receiving commission payments in Bitcoin. Even though I barely lifted a finger to promote Livegood last month, my passive earnings came to $292 (after transaction fees were deducted) and landed in my Freebitco.in account on 4th August. I immediately sent about $300 worth of BTC across to my Hive account where it was converted into 931.990 HIVE. I switched 758 HIVE into HBD, which was enough for me to hit my August target of $600 worth of HBD. Thank you very much Livegood.com!

Here are the transaction logs on my Hive account:

You can check anybody’s Hive.io account to make sure they are not giving you a load of bull. Here’s mine:


Simply replace my username with anybody else’s to have a snoop at their HIVE and HBD holdings!

What Exactly is Hive.io, HIVE, and HBD?

Hive.io is a decentralized blockchain platform designed for social media and content creation applications. Hive.io has two primary tokens: HIVE and HBD (Hive Backed Dollar). People who create content on Hive-based social media platforms can earn HIVE and HBD rewards for their content. How much they earn depends on how much HIVE they have staked, and on the number (and power) of upvotes their content receives from other Hive.io users.

HIVE is the principal utility token and serves as a governance token for the platform. HIVE holders have the power to participate in the decision-making processes related to network upgrades and protocol changes. Additionally, HIVE can be used for various functions within the Hive ecosystem, such as:

  • staking for voting power,
  • supporting content creators through upvotes and tips
  • delegation (i.e. by supporting various projects with HIVE loans that earn interest).

HBD is a stablecoin on the Hive blockchain. A stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is designed to avoid the volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin by pegging its price to another asset such as the US dollar (USD).

You can earn 20% p/a interest on HBD that you lock away as savings on the Hive blockchain, and the interest is paid weekly. Another attraction of HBD savings is that it only takes 3 days to unlock your HBD.

Set Up Your Own Hive Account

An easy way to set up your own Hive account is through the PeakD frontend:


Set up your account through my link, then get back to me at david @ davidhurley . net and I’ll delegate some HIVE to your account so that you can immediately start earning from your content creation and curation efforts.

You can learn more about how the Hive blockchain works – and how you can profit from it – here:


The Hive Guide is a 100% free video training course to get you up and running on the Hive bockchain.

My HBD Freedom Ladder

With all that in mind, a few weeks ago I created an “HBD Freedom Ladder” consisting of nine “rungs” which I blogged about here:


The idea is to set yourself a clear HBD savings target for “financial freedom through passive income.” Of course, there are several variables that can change at any moment, such as the HBD interest rate (which is voted for by Hive blockchain “Witnesses”), the value of the dollar, the rate of inflation, dedollarization, and so on.

In the meantime, a stablecoin that is pegged to the dollar that earns you 20% per annum, paid weekly (giving you a steady increase in compound interest) seems like an attractive asset to add to your portfolio.

Can I Reach the Third Rung in Q1 2024?

So now my target is to grab hold of the third of the nine rungs on the HBD Freedom Ladder – $3,000 – by the end of March 2024 at the latest. I’m hopeful that I can do it with a combination of HBD interest payments, 50% curation from Hive-blockchain blogging payouts, and a commission payments from:

All three affiliate programmes offer commission payments in BTC, which I convert into HIVE and swap for Hive-Backed Dollars.

Join Me On The HBD Ladder To Freedom!

Here are the targets for each of the 9 rungs of the HBD Freedom Ladder:

  • Rung 1 = $300 ACHIEVED, July 2023
  • Rung 2 = $600 ACHIEVED, August 2023
  • Rung 3 = $3,000 TARGET = March 2024
  • Rung 4 = $6,000
  • Rung 5 = $7,500
  • Rung 6 = $15,000
  • Rung 7 = $30,000
  • Rung 8 = $60,000
  • Rung 9 = $120,000 (@20% p/a, the passive income yield = $2,000 per month)

What about you? Have you started to climb the HBD Freedom Ladder? Let us know in the comments.

Not yet on the Hive blockchain? Get started here: https://peakd.com/register?ref=hirohurl then email me at david @ davidhurley . net and I’ll delegate some HIVE to your account to get you off to a fast start!


David Hurley

P. S. Hop onto my free Beginners Crypto Course for more free crypto tips: https://llpgpro.com/mhpz6yzd/hv

P. P. S. Learn more about how you can earn crypto on the HIVE blockchain: https://thehiveguide.com/hirohurl