Crypto Accumulation Report: August 2022

A lot happened on the crypto front in August, from getting my first FUN token interest payment to putting some tokens into a couple of new Splinterlands-related liquidity pools...

First, here’s a quick overview of my progress towards my 2022 crypto goals during August…

Progress Report

For the first couple of weeks of August things went pretty well as I was regularly publishing content and earning a constant flow of Hive and second-tier tokens.

The new Liketu photo-sharing platform (built on the Hive blockchain) was a great help. I was on holiday at the beginning of the month so I decided to use it to publish some holiday pics as a nice, easy way to create content while away from home.

Then, during the last part of the month, when I got back to Hiroshima, I didn’t create any new content at all. What happened? A combination of a busy teaching schedule and a midweek party conspired to trip me up!

The only thing I did during that period was to play a lot of Splinterlands. The battles I won helped me to keep on earning small amounts of crypto, but progress towards my crypto goals for 2022 slowed right down.

So, although I made some progress with every token but CTPSB, with only four months remaining I need to pick up momentum across all the remaining Hive-based token targets for 2022.

Here’s how things stand on 1st September 2022:

Crypto Asset1st January1st August1st September2022 TARGETS
LISTNERDS1146,01857,316 (+3,152)200
FreeBitcoin Satoshi1,520,2913,004,8603,014,0653,000,000
SPS333372 (354 st + 18 lp)300

Listnerds Tokens Contintuing To Grow Despite Unstaking

I unstaked around 50 LISTNERDS tokens a day throught August so I now have over 3,000 tokens that will start to come on stream as liquid tokens from this month (September).

Even so, my Listnerds token holdings have continued to grow and I finished the month more or less where I began, in 20th place on the LISTNERDS Leaderboard.

LISTNERDS token growth will slow down for the remaining four months of the year as I have cancelled my Enterprise subscription for the time being as I was not making full use of it. I will keep my eye on the project and stay invested on the token front, but right now I want to invest my $97 in Splinterlands NFT cards.

25% Interest on FUN Tokens Now Compounding!

One year ago I locked 50,000 FUN tokens for one year so that they’d earn 25%. In the middle of last month those tokens became available again along with the 15,000 (25%) FUN token dividend, so I immediately locked all 65,000 FUN tokens for another year. It is the first of several more 25% p/a FUN investments which will all mature at various points during 2023…

Splinterlands Liquidity Pools

This is the other big development that happened in August. Splinterlands recently launched some liquidity pools for their various tokens and I have dipped my toe into a couple of those pools. So far, I have put a few cents worth of tokens into their DED/SPS and VOUCHER/SWAP.HIVE pools.

As you can see in the chart, above, by the end of August I had 354 SPS staked inside Splinterlands (currently earning 37% interest), and just 18 tokens paired with DEC in the liquidity pool. Since the interest is paid daily, I intend to keep on topping up both the staked SPS and the liquidity pool to tap into the power of compound interest. 🙂

The interest you can earn on the tokens in the liquidity pools ranges between 7% and 60%, with SPS/SWAP.HIVE offering as much as 70% (so I intend to put some SPS into that one too later this month).

If you’d like to find out more about how to grow a crypto portfolio without risking your hard-earned out-of-pocket cash, hop onto my free Beginners Crypto Course mailing list and I’ll keep you posted with all the tricks and tips that I’m using to grow my stash.

All the best,

David Hurley


P. S. Here are some links to the resources I mentioned in this report:

  • Liketu – A blockchain-based photo-sharing site.
  • HIVE – Learn all about it with this free Hive Guide training course.
  • Listnerds – A Hive-based blockchain safelist mailer.
  • FUN – Earn 25% p/a by locking FUN tokens on the site.
  • Splinterlands – Earn crypto by sending your NFT monsters into battle!

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