Mid February Crypto Accumulation Report

Here’s my crypto accumulation progress report for the middle of February 2022. I’m quite pleased with much of my progress so far this month, but especially with the rapid growth in my Listnerds tokens. I was able to accumulate them thanks to having several of my Listnerds safelist mails “verified” by the community.

If it sounds strange that a safelist mailer should actually PAY you for SENDING out emails, find out more about Listnerds in my vlog review:


My Mid February Progress Report Video

The State of Play, 16th February 2022

The token that I have made the best progress with so far this month is Listnerds, thanks to my activity on the Listnerds safelist mailer. If I keep up my output I think I can smash through my 2022 target, possibly even by the end of this quarter…

Crypto Asset1st January31st January16th February2022 TARGETS
LEN4751 521000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi1,520,2911,669,1991,716,7883,000,000

The Latest Token On My List: Splintershards (SPS)

I started following @thisismylife after clicking through to her Hive blog posts via her Listnerds mails and picked up a good tip from her about how to earn passively from the Hive blockchain based NFT game, Splinterlands.

I was particularly interested to learn that their SPS tokens are yielding 32.08% interest per annum. So, starting from last week I have been slowly collecting and staking SPS to start tapping into that tasty interest rate.

Here is the link to the blog post:


For more info about Splinterlands, see my previous post: I Win My First Splinterlands Game

For more about the Listnerds Blockchain Mailer go to https://listnerds.com/@hirohurl

Find out more about the Hive blockchain here: https://thehiveguide.com/hirohurl

David Hurley


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