How To Convert Satoshi To HIVE

I’m pleased to report that I hit my 2023 target of 5 million satoshi on

Now I’ve done that I can move on to Stage 2 of my 2023 crypto accumulation plan, which is to start converting excess satoshi to Hive to help me hit my target of 2,000 HIVE, and my other 2nd tier targets by the end of the year.

This is the second time I have successfully transferred BTC from to my Hive account, but this time I decided to record the process to show you how easy it is.

Live Transfer Demo Video

Here’s the video of the process from start to finish:

I executed the transaction with in my Peakd Wallet.

My plan now is to keep 5 million satoshi, and build up to 250,000 FUN tokens on The surplus I will funnel through to Hive, or, later this year, to a hardware wallet.


David Hurley