I Win My First Splinterlands Game (No Idea How)!

Indulge me as I celebrate my first Splinterlands blockchain gaming victory!

What Is Splinterlands?

In case you didn’t know, Splinterlands is a Hive blockchain based play-to-earn digital trading game that uses NFTs as trading cards. The aim of the game is to set out your own monsters in a winning array against those of your opponents.

How To Play Splinterlands

You will get an idea of how to play Splinterlands by watching my battle. You choose your monsters, then sit back and watch the battle unfold!

Win Or Earn Hive Second-Tier Crypto Tokens

As you play you can win in-game crypto rewards. However, until this week my interest in the game had been exclusively to do with trading Splinterland-related token drops or staking Splinterland’s “Splintershards” SPS crypto tokens to benefit from the 32.09% interest rate.

As soon as I realized I could earn a healthy interest rate I logged into the Splinterlands website to stake some tokens… and that is how I gradually got drawn into playing a game or two without know anything about the NFT cards available to me.

I really do not know how to play Splinterlands and have no idea how to choose a “summoner” – a card that seems to function as head honcho of your monster gang… I mean, I know I can just click on a card and that will be my summoner, but WHICH card is best as your summoner and why? No clue!

The game I won was the first one in which I was aware of my Splinterlands Mana limit and selected cards accordingly. I’m glad I invested in the 9-hearted brute who survived and killed off much of my opponents miserable force!

Join me in some exciting (and profitable) Splinterlands action. You will probably win as I really have little idea of what I am doing with the Splinterlands game!

Yes, I am gradually getting drawn into this fun game even though my focus is on passive profits by staking SPS tokens for 32% per annum interest rate! I also think there is a good chance of the token itself appreciating in value – but do not take that as financial advice and do your own research before you decide whether or not to invest in the Splinterlands game.

David Hurley


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