Jolt Auctions: Another Way To Accumulate Bitcoin

[28th April 2024 UPDATE: Jolt Auctions have been discontinued as SFI undergoes yet another change in its business structure…]

The Zing Network has just launched an online Auction Service called Jolt where you can win $100 cash cards and trade them in for Bitcoin.

Check out this video I just made about Jolt auctions, or read the blog post below.

What Is An Online Penny Auction?

Jolt is a kind of “penny auction.” Online penny auctions are a type of online auction where participants can bid on items for sale by placing small incremental bids which, in the case of Jolt is 1 cent per bid.

These auctions typically have a time limit, and each bid placed during the auction increases the sale price of the item by a small amount. As the price rises the clock’s reset time gets shorter. When the clock hits zero the person who made the last bid is the winner and pays the final price for the item.

What can you win on Jolt auctions?

$50, $75, or $100 Zaxxium cash cards that can be used wherever credit cards are accepted. Even better, you can choose to accept the equivalent value in Bitcoin.

Auction winners can win cash cards (or Bitcoin), potentially at huge discounts because bidding for every Zaxxium card starts at just $1 no matter what the face value of the card is .

Jolt Winning Bid Example

For example, let’s suppose somebody makes 20 bids and wins a $100 Zaxxium for $30 on the 20th bid.

To calculate the actual cost to the winner we have to add the cost of each bid transaction to the $30 winning bid.

  • One bid costs 1 “Jolt”.
  • You can buy 3 Jolts for 1 T-Credit, and if you buy T-Credits in bulk you can get them for 32 cents each.
  • So one Jolt can cost around 11 cents (approximately a third of the price of a T-Credit).

11 cents x 20 bids = $2.20 + $30 winning bid = $32.20 for a $100 cash card (or $100 equivalent in Bitcoin). Very nice indeed!

However, it’s important to note that penny auctions can be risky, as the final price of the item may end up being much higher than its market value, and there is no guarantee that the bidder will win the auction.

Use your common sense and discretion and do not let your emotions carry you away when bidding on Jolt auctions, or any other type of online penny auction.

How To Earn Bitcoin From Jolt Auctions Without Bidding

Every time one of your SFI referrals bids on Jolt auction you earn 60 Satoshi. At least, that’s how many Satoshi I earned every time one of my referrals bid on a jolt action yesterday (until the last bid, which earned me 59 sats). Of course, the number of santoshi you earn per bid depends on the price of Bitcoin that day.

Here’s a screenshot of ONE page of my Bit Bank ledger so you can see what I mean. I had over ten pages of these “Downline Jolted Clock” bids, and earned 60 satoshi every single time (until the very last bid):

Tell Your SFI / Zing Network Referrals About Jolt Auctions

So if you are an SFI affiliate with some referrals, I suggest that you get in touch with them and tell them about Jolt auctions (feel free to share my video or this blog post with them).

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All the best,

David Hurley