My Crypto Targets For The Year Of The Dragon

I’ve just spent a pleasant hour or so working out what my goals are for my assets in 2024.

Last year I was chasing 12 Hive token targets and two non-Hive token targets. This year I am only going to focus on eight Hive token targets in my Hive-based blog posts.

Here are the tokens I’m chasing this year:

Crypto Asset1st January 20242024 Target
  1. This is the 5th rung of the HBD Freedom Ladder ↩︎

I’ve divided the tokens into three classes:



I want to grow into a HIVE dolphin this year, and to do that I need to more than double my current HIVE holdings. (A Dolphin has at least 5,000 HIVE powered up.)

An even bigger aim is to get to the 5th rung on my nine-rung HBD Freedom Ladder. HBD, or “Hive-Backed Dollar” is a Hive stablecoin tied to the US dollar. Keep in mind that HBD is currently paying 20% interest per annum (paid out monthly).

The 5th rung of the HBD Freedom Ladder is set at 7,500 HBD, after which, the HBD value of each rung is double the previous one, all the way to the ninth rung, which is worth 120,000 HBD. The fifth rung is the where things get serious! But once you get to 120,000 HBD, at the current rates of annual interest you’d be earning 24,000 HBD a year (without considering compound interest), or about $2,000 a month.

This year I also want to accumulate as much SPS as possible. I play Splinterlands every day, so it is good to have a lot of SPS staked, but I am also attracted by the 13% interest rate, and increasingly by the potential of SPS to rise in value over the next couple of years.


I want to continue growing my CTPSB and LEN positions based on the performance of the projects and the people behind the projects, @achim03 in the case of CTPSB, and @achim03 and @ph1102 in the case of LEN.

LEN is the token that supports the Liotes project, which you can read about here:

I only have a small amount of LEO, but given all the developments that took place around this token in 2023, I want to keep on accumulating. To get a feel of what LEO is all about, go to:


These are Bitcoin-pegged tokens. BBH (Bitcoin-Backed Hive) is a project by @bradleyarrow that I have followed with interest. Last year I went from a measly 41 tokens to over a thousand tokens – it’s only like holding a thousand satoshi, so no big deal in itself. Even so, 1,000 tokens gets you tipping rights! (Tipping = the “use case” of the token.) But once you hold 10,000 BBH, you start getting LEO dividends along with the other rewards that are dripped out. This is one of the tokens that puts a smile on my face, and it would be nice to have a Bitcoin backed token that drops me some LEO every now and then.

SWAP.BTC is the only token I have added to my target list this year. I think 0.01 is a reasonable amount to aim for, around $450 at current BTC rates, but not necessarily that value on Hive-Engine as spreads and liquidity (or lack thereof) have to be factored in.

Finally, a word about one token that is not on this year’s target list, but which I will continue to support:

ALIVE is still an important token in my 2nd tier portfolio, and I will continue to accumulate it with the intention of ending the year with more staked tokens than I currently have.

Read about the “We Are Alive Tribe” here:

So there you go, those are my Hive targets for the year of the dragon…


David Hurley