6 Easy Ways To Claim Daily Satoshi On FreeBitco.in

Gotta love FreeBitcoin! FreeBitco.in offers SIX easy-peasy ways for members to earn free satoshi every day. And who wouldn’t want to accumulate satoshi for free when we see Bitcoin hitting new record highs every day (so far) this year!?

Okay, it’s only 3rd January 2021 as I write this, but you get the idea.

Here are the SIX ways you can easily accumulte a bunch of satoshi on Free Bitcoin every single day:

5 Ways To Earn Satoshi On FreeBitco.in

1. click the blue “Roll” button every hour to win some free satoshi.

2. Use Reward Points to boost how much you can win each hour.

3. Earn Satoshi, Reward Points and other prizes on the Daily Prize Draw via a link sent to your email inbox every day.

4. Refer and earn passive Satoshi commissions on your referrals’ activities.

5. Earn 4.08% per annum on your Bitcoin stash – paid daily, so your interest begins to compound.

Once your balance hits 30,000 Satoshi you will earn Interest, paid daily to your account, which means you will quickly start earning compound interest on your satoshi! So that’s yet another way you can see your Bitcoin stash grow every single day that you keep it deposited at FreeBitcoin!

I’m currently earning several hundred satoshi a day like this. 🙂

6. Buy Fun tokens to boost your interest rate & get more daily Wheel of Fortune spins. This is a great way to boost your earnings, and you can sell your Fun tokens any time, either directly on Freebitco.in, or on various crypto exchanges.

Sign up for your free FreeBitco.in account and start earning Bitcoin satoshi from today!


Looking for a more dynamic way to trade bitcoin? This is what I use:

Any questions about how to start earning crypto? Post them in the comments!

All the best,

David Hurley


2 Comments on 6 Easy Ways To Claim Daily Satoshi On FreeBitco.in

  1. Nice video to know everything about free bitco site. I have got some queries or doubts about the earning through free btc bonus. When you invest 3200RP you get 1000% bonus , As per video you are getting 44 satoshi`s. Even you claim for 15 times your total satoshis will be 660 against investment of 3200 RP. Instead if you encash reward points you will get 3200 satoshis. The difference is quite large. Let me know If I making any mistake to understand the concept. You are the right person to throw light to make things clear.

    • Hi Ramesh,

      Since making the video I have switched tactic with Reward Points. Now, instead of spending 3,200 RP to get a boost on the ROLL button, I do what you suggest, and save them up. When I get 100,000 RP I will cash them in for 100,000 satoshi! I’m just over half way there right now.

      All the best,


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