Hive-Backed-Dollar Freedom Ladder: I Hit The 1% Mark After 104 Days

I had a nice surprise when I logged into the Mailer.Gold safelist the other day and found $76.95 in commissions waiting for me. I promptly sent the equivalent in BTC over to my Freebitcoin account, added another $174 worth of Bitcoin to it and sent $250 worth of BTC (0.095 BTC) across to the Hive blockchain where I converted most of it into HBD which I moved into my HBD savings account.

And that gave me a total of 1,202 HBD in savings, or 1% of my ultimate target of 120,000 HBD.

Why am I aiming to accumulate 120,000 HBD?

Because, with an interest rate at 20% p/a, paid weekly, that’s the equivalent of $2,000 a week in passive income!

Of course, that is assuming that the interest rate stays at 20% and there is no guarantee that it will. However, all the time the interest rate is 20% I will continue to climb the HBD Ladder to Freedom!

Watch the video for the full report:

The 9 Rungs of the HBD Freedom Ladder

The 9 rungs that take you to 120k HBD are:

  1. $300
  2. $600
  3. $3,000
  4. $6,000
  5. $7,500 <== This is the turning point…
  6. $15,000
  7. $30,000
  8. $60,000
  9. $120,000

I explained the ladder in more detail here:

I blogged about reaching the first rung here:

One month later, I blogged about reaching the second rung:

Celebrating the 1% Mark

Every time I get 1% closer to the target I will add a “notch” to the ladder and blog about it. That will serve as extra motivation, especially when the gaps between the rungs get wider…

It also gives me another metric to measure:

How Many Days Did It Take To Grow By 1%?

I came up with the idea of the HBD Freedom Ladder on 14th June 2023. Back then I already had some HBD savings. It was not much, but certainly more than “zero.”

Even so, it took me 104 days to get to the first 1% mark (1,200 HBD) on the way to the top of the ladder.

So the next challenge is to get to 2% in less than 100 days.

Of course, as your savings grow, so does the rate of accumulation thanks to the increasing yield from the interest rate, and also thanks to the magic of compound interest…

Climbing the HBD Savers Rankings Chart

Another happy result of hitting my first 1% is that it moved me up into the top 500 of HBD savers according to as can be seen in the stats in the image below:


What started as a sudden bit of early morning inspiration back in June has now turned into a super fun challenge! Not only is the goal easy to explain and exciting to climb towards, but now I have several metrics to play with and compete against:

  1. Climb the 9 rungs of the ladder…
  2. Mark 1% “notches” on the ladder as I climb it, aiming to make each succeeding 1% gain more quickly than the previous one…
  3. Climb the HiveBuzz HBD rankings!

I notice there are quite a few people on the same rung of the HBD Freedom Ladder as I am on… so who’s up for a race to the top?


David Hurley

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